From a thesis project to a gig place, we have never expected any of this to happen. When we started in 2016, all we had in mind was to combine burgers with a twist and coffee in a rooftop cafe, that's it. The underlying mission to support artists came along after a few gigs - when we first-handedly experienced it.

We always hope people could feel and see a part of themselves in Jess & Pat's but ultimately, it's us who continuously finds a home in each one of the: artists, poets, writers, photographers, publishers, comedians.

And in you.

This is why we keep on moving forward.

While we're thrilled to make more memories with you in our physical store in Maginhawa street, we are also excited to thrive in supporting the local art scene in the country through our digital shop.

This is a collaborative space - where support for artists can be extended anywhere you are; a place to also discover something new. If you can't come to us, this time around, we'll try our best to go to you. After all, #WeAreIndiesTOGETHER.

-Jess & Pat